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Then click on "View Wireless Networks", select your router, click Connect and enter your password when you are prompted.

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So if you have the voice traffic and you marked it IP prec 5 (exp its often called) so usually you would setup a queue to low latency to ensure that traffic is always priority over all others and sent immediately - reason being to reduce jitter causing major problems to voice packets. Be careful with this command as the bandwidth that you put in after the declaration of priority is also a policeman to that number.

Then in the other class-maps you match other numbers of IP precedence and use 'bandwidth' instructions to give them specific levels of bandwidth - are not controllers but package corresponding to these statements is less preferred than those corresponding to the queue of "priority". Cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/quality-of-service-Qo S/Qo S-PAC... This part is more complex and may not be necessary depending on what you do, but you can do a few child-parent, formatted at this time as well.

I believe all of us (Vista users) have encountered and experienced first hand this problem. Although UAC has its purpose, unfortunately i couldn't grasp it right now.

All i know is that its a nuisance and it should be out of my computer.

Like anybody else I am a regular geek when it comes to network devices.AS FAR AS I KNOW:(1) I must apply the marking map policy on the entry of my local lan and the law enforcement out of my output interface?(2) Qo S applies when theres is congestion on the network?I have a few gadgets on my sleeves that i like to give reviews and at the same time play with.I'm sharing my ideas and hopefully get feedback from you as well.

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