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With characters Cecily and Nico's help, Tad manages to free his beloved from the clutches of Adam and his accomplice, Dr. While on the run from Adam, Dixie finally admits her true feelings to Tad; she does not love Adam, it is him she loves.

Even though they manage to prove that Dixie is sane, she still loses custody of JR, and Adam offers her generous visiting privileges if she agrees to a quick divorce, which she does.

Brooke hires Tad Martin to find out who fathered Dixie's baby, and Tad and Dixie become friends.

They talk, laugh, eat chicken fingers and become very close.

To appease fans and make an effort to amend the situation, ABC Daytime executives and Mc Clain confirmed in March 2008 that Dixie would be returning to the series but in the form of a ghost and for a brief time period. In April 2011, it was announced that she would be returning to the serial before its September 23, 2011 network ending.

She decides to try to make it work with Adam, but deep down she knows that Tad has found his way into her heart.

Nearly three years later, in late 1992, it is revealed that Tad had survived the explosion and has been living in California under a different name. With Tad's help, she finally regains custody of Adam Jr.

Their second marriage, lasts about 2 years until JR (then 8 years old) catches Tad having an affair.

Soon after her arrival in Pine Valley, Dixie falls under the influence of Adam Chandler, the archenemy of her Uncle Palmer.

Although Adam and Brooke English are happily married at the time, Adam realizes that Brooke cannot give him the one thing that he wants most in the world — a son.

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In time, Adam's plan works and he sends Dixie to a sanitarium.

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