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Members of the class att.naming have specialized attributes which support linkage of a naming element with the entity (person, place, organization) being named; members of the class att.datable have specialized attributes which support a number of ways of normalizing the date or time of the data encoded by the element concerned.Referring Strings, these attributes provide two different ways of associating any sort of name with its referent.In simple terms, where the core module allows one simply to represent that a given piece of text is a being used.A similar range is provided for names of places and organizations.Normalization of date and time values permits the efficient processing of data (for example, to determine whether one event precedes or follows another).These examples all use the W3C standard format for representation of dates and times.As an example of the first case, a project might maintain its own local database system containing canonical information about persons and places, each entry in which is accessed by means of some system-specific identifier constructed in a project-specific way from the value supplied for the attribute provides a convenient way of associating an event or date with a named period.Its value is a pointer which should indicate some other element where the period concerned is more precisely defined.

In the case of businesses or other formally constituted institutions, the component parts of an organizational name may help to characterize the organization in terms of its perceived geographical location, ownership, likely number of employees, management structure, etc.Like other proper nouns or noun phrases used as names, place names can simply be marked up with the rs element, or with the name element.For cartographers and historical geographers, however, the component parts of a place name provide important information about the relation between the name and some spot in space and time.More usefully, it may also contain a series of category elements, each with an identifier and a description.The identifier can then be used as the target for a attributes may be used to express a range of possibilities for a particular date (or time).

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