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[ Related: The Mystery Over Diem's REAL Age Is Finally Solved ] The couple met and fell in love on the 13th season of in 2006, though the timing was never right the for pair to make a relationship last.

Despite the duo's ups and downs, CT always loved Diem — so much so, he surprised her with a ruby ring AND a proposal just days before her death.

After diem passed away ct posted another instagram of a prayer card from her funeral with a rosary and ring it was reported that he proposed to her a few days before she died, but she turned him down the note talks about their journey together as a couple and that he believes they’ll still find a way to be together forever.

Reality stars diem browns marriages, divorces hookups began their relationship with diem long battl.

Still, despite her appreciation for the romantic gesture, Diem said no to the offer because she was too sick.

The source added: We totally understand why Diem made the difficult the decision to say no to CT, and we bet deep down the he does too.

Two of the reality star’s friends, Julie Rotondi and Erin Robbins, read Proverbs 3:1-7 and Corinthians -18, and Quarles said the Prayer of the Faithful.

After the funeral ended, a video of Brown’s life, including moments from her college days and time on On the back of Brown’s funeral program, Proverbs read, “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Below the verse, a message from Brown’s family stated, “Our dancing angel, Danielle Marie Brown, is watching from Heaven’s window with her mother, Jillian Catherine Brown.” Instead of flowers, Brown’s family requested mourners donate to Med Gift, which has currently raised over ,000 of its 0,000 goal.

Though the aspiring journalist declined Tamburello's offer, the 34-year-old did NOT give up and he returned the following day with a different ring.

“Pallbearers included her brother Jarrod Brown, uncle Allen Brown, cousin Joey Brown, Jeff Clarke (her sister Megan’s boyfriend), Mike Ross (the husband of her best friend Alicia Quarles), and Sasan Soleimani.

Photos of Brown’s warm face, nestled beside those of her family and friends, were posted throughout the church.”During the funeral, country singer Trisha Yearwood performed and Father Peter Fink and Pastor Kane Keatinge of NYC’s Hillsong Church addressed mourners.

In one of her last tweets, which was posted three days before her death, Diem Brown wrote, “I need prayers and advice my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won’t & can’t rollover.

At some point prior to the start of the series, Grenda became best friends with Candy Chiu, as seen in the episode "Double Dipper." Her voice was not always deep, as mentioned in "Double Dipper." At some point, her voice changed when she hit puberty.

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