When should you become exclusive when dating

However, just because we don’t see opportunity currently in our life doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Our natural tendencies keep INFPs from systematically practicing our art.We write, paint or play music when we feel like it, when we have an inspiration. Stephen King wrote Rage and Blaze before Carrie, his 3rd novel written became his first novel published.However, most endeavors requires hard work over aptitude.Aptitude makes learning easier, but not having the aptitude doesn’t mean not having ability. Opportunity The Beatles had the opportunity to play in Hamburg when other bands did not.We need the opportunity to put in 10,000 hours and sometimes that’s not possible.It’s hard to become a concert pianist if you don’t have regular access to a piano. Deliberate Practice Deliberate means practicing in a way that stretches your skill, to purposely become better by the end than we were at the beginning of the practice.

Examples of things that drive our happiness engines are: My happiness engine runs on learning.For example, the average retention rate from reading is about 10%.You remember 10%, usually the big ideas and general overview of the book. Teaching Others has an average retention rate of around 90%.We can’t all become Olympic athletes with just practice.There’s a level of genetics that determines athleticism and recovery time needed for Olympic level training.

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