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It encompasses geographic numbers (landline numbers), mobile numbers, numbers used for paging, numbers used for services that charge a local call fee or transfer the charge to the called party and numbers in conjunction with prepaid services. Since there's no publication of people's names, they may look upon if favourably. I worked on a development team building the CRM software for the company, and I recall an interface to "some system" (IPND I suspect) that was used to detect the current service provider for customers wanting to port in to our network. It would certainly cut out the bugbear of having to encourage people to "verify their number"...

Cheers, Peter /integrated_public_number_database_(ipnd) **********************Access and use of the IPND The access and use of the IPND by industry is governed by a Communications Alliance Code of Practice. t=1007794&p=-1#bottom /List_of_telephone_operating_companies#Australia Australia Fixed line operators Telstra (FLO) Soul (Washington H.Can anyone recommend a carrier that uses the Telstra network. GLOBAL VERGE INTERNATIONAL With the following claim; by the end of June’09, the company will re-launch in Australia with it’s first product “The Mobile/Cellular Phone” OK, I've set up a site using the networks and resellers info in this thread.But I'd be most interested if there was a current database that takes into number porting.It wouldn't be difficult to incorporate it into the interface. The IPND contains all public numbers and associated information such as the customer's name and address and the name of the service provider providing the carriage service. "That information may only be accessed and used for approved purposes" I wonder if a lookup service such as mine would qualify.

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even if I pay my fee and provide a totally secure environment for the data.

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