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Nonetheless if you are a skilled Windows admin working on a large environment, it could be good for you to learn some/most of them to increase your efficiency on the long term.The much anticipated, at least by me 🙂 , HP Proliant ML110 G6 server is finally here!The following table (click to visit the HP site) provides a summary of the various ML110 G6 servers: With the increased range of devices now on the VMware ESX/ESXi compatibility list the news is good for the ML110 G6 with both the CPU and Network Adapter being on the list.Although the actual ML110 G6 is not on the ESX/ESXi systems compatibility list it will still work ok at least as far as the CPU and NIC are concerned.

Just to confirm, you can still run ESXi from a USB memory stick in the ML110 G6 which in turn can access VMs over an i SCSI connection to a NAS or SAN device – it’s just the local disk controller that doesn’t work with ESX(i).

Here’s a summary of what’s new with the ML110 G6: As would be expected there are a number of areas that remain the same with the server such as memory – a 16GB max would have been nice though this would mean the ML110 would start encroaching on the ML/DL300 Proliant Series server space.

For more technical details check out this HP Proliant ML110 G6 Data Sheet.

If you are going to be installing Openfiler 2.99 and discover that you’re not able to create software RAID 1 arrays then the following will resolve that for you. Choose your preferred connection profile (default is as above), click connect.

You’re going to need to launch a secure console to type in some command lines, to do that follow these instructions. Enter the root password (created during the installation process) and this will launch the Secure Shell.

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Get-Azure VMAvailable Extension -Extension Name DSC Publisher : Microsoft.

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