The ten commandments of dating by young adams german brides dating

Ben Young with Sarah Fuselier To Elliott and Julie © 1999 by Ben Young and Samuel Adams All rights reserved.

I called my good friend, clinical psychologist, Dr.

Both of us would agree that contemplating our own children being in the dating world only makes us believe more strongly in these relationship laws.

In fact, thinking about any guys coming to the front door to take out my daughters is enough incentive for me to convert to Catholicism so I can check my girls into a convent during those years to come. Our vision in writing this book is to provide you with ten time-tested relationship laws to protect you from the pitfalls of modern dating and to greatly increase your odds of successful dating.

Granted, there is a certain mystery and complexity to any type of relationship.

There is something about love and attraction that is difficult to explain, and we readily agree that you can’t just reduce successful relationships down to simple logic.

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