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50is the leading over 50 online dating site and active community for baby boomers, senior singles and singles over 50 in the United States.We are committed to help you to find a partner for dating, friendship and companionship. Join for free now to connect with thousands of other American singles in their prime like you!

Rather than jumping into the wifey stage, enjoy this casual part of it.Being exclusive from the start is definitely not a thing here.If you bring it up too soon in a relationship, they might even see it as a red flag.Letting him and yourself know that you don’t buy his nonsense will slow things down and determine whether or not he’s worth investing in. If a relationship is the only thing you’re chasing in this life, you need to reevaluate your priorities. Were you looking for someone desperately or did you just happen upon your dream man?At the start of a new relationship, you may want to drop everything and focus on your newfound love, but doing so accelerates the relationship faster than you can say, “Does this thing have brakes? If you’re the kind of girl who’s got a five-year plan, it’s no wonder that you’re getting attached too fast. Enjoy the here and now, and forget about the future — it’ll come anyway if it’s meant to be. Sometimes, you have to get your brain in check before your heart leads you right off an emotional clifftop.

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