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For example, even if you’re in another state, you can still call up your love’s fave pizza place and have one delivered to their house if they’re having a rough day—and you can even ask the pizza place to write a message from you inside the box! Try using a couple’s app Because it’s 2016, there are some fabulous apps for LDR couples. Send each other ~saucy~ texts There are a lot of things that can make LDRs tricky, but one that particularly comes to mind is a lack of physical time.For example, take The Couple App, which allows you to play games with your boo, make lists of upcoming dates and dream travel locations, and even “thumb kiss” by pressing your thumbs onto your phone screens, making both your phones vibrate. But the distance can actually make things all the hotter.You can message each other your reactions real-time, and it’ll feel like you’re spending an evening in together, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart. Send each other surprise deliveries Whether it’s a sweet care package or an awesome dinner, everyone loves getting a surprise.Think of something your boo would totally love and send it to them, just because you can.

They’ll not only be flattered, but will be thinking of you all day. Write each other real letters, or even cute postcards, and it will give you both something to look forward to when you’re checking the mail.

Try buying some and trying different things with your love on video chat for a fun, weird date.

If doing funky things to your taste buds isn’t your idea of fun, but drinking is, why not play a fun drinking game with your love over Skype?

Ben Tao, the co-founder of Offbeatr, an adult crowdfunding site, likes the idea, but isn't sure it'll catch on.

He thinks most people want to get to know their partners before jumping into the sack. For years Jessica Drake starred as an adult actress; now she works primarily as a sex educator.

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