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While further, deeper research into the history of the term would provide you with more complicated (and perhaps confusing) explanation, we have chosen the popular definition to go with and provide you with ten shounen ai manga titles that would be worth your time to check out!

Iida Shoukichi’s habit of blasting out music and being loud in the middle of the night is driving his next-door neighbor, Sakamoto Youji, insane.

Tachibana Shin is the ever-grinning, optimistic if a bit dumb high school boy, who is in love with his childhood friend Fujiwara Jun, a gloomy, pessimistic, but extremely smart bookworm.

It’s a fluffy, light, extremely adorable shounen-ai story that doesn’t focus on anything but cuteness, as it follows how Shin and Jun spends their daily life.

Shounen-ai, according to popular knowledge, is a genre that best known to depict non-graphic romantic and sexual relationships between males.

The manga itself was serialized in Gateau manga magazine in 2011 by the publisher Ichijinsha.

If you’re looking for a dreamy, cute romance, then this manga should be one of your first pick.

Hideyoshico’s artwork style is unique amongst other BL manga works—sketchy and loose, but also neat successive panelings—and is perfect for the atmosphere of this manga.

The unrealistic depiction of out-in-the-open love relationship between boys in this manga, oddly, feels refreshing and cute instead.

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As Sakamoto learns more about Iida, including his passion for photography, he also learns more about himself, and about the feelings that have begin to grow between the two of them.

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