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What about lesbian marriage and lesbian sex…[illegible] girls in Delhi? Can you please send a educational note about ‘lesbianism’ and female bisexuality.Dave (2009: 51) While thinking about what it means to be erotic in India 2016, I find it strangely comforting to know that a networking list for Indian lesbians operated through the country’s postal service two and a half decades ago, shares the same features as most dating apps of today.A month into my degree, I realized that I wanted to study dating apps but didn’t know what this involved – I was familiar with the development and policy terrain of emerging technologies but relatively clueless about how to study the ways in which mobile phones influence our erotic experiences.So I decided to crowd-source my questions, asking everyone who had a moment to spare what they thought about love, sex and tech.Putting together this database was a bit of scavenger hunt where I foraged for perspectives on the tech and intimacy space from - Company descriptions on Angel List websites- Tech magazines- Talks and conference proceedings where company heads and backers had participated- Company Web Sites, Blogs, Facebook Pages and Twitter Feeds (everything Social Media!

An app is the end product of a long chain of events and individuals including, but not limited to Product developers Company Founders/Heads Ad Agencies Start up Groups Early Investors Public Relation officials Independent industries associated with the Internet and the erotic (like online sex portals like love treats or start-ups that offer pay by hour safe hotel bookings for couples such as Stay Uncle).For example, studying the Indian lesbian movement in India Naisargi Dave writes about how in the early 90’s when Giti Thadani, the ‘godmother’ of the Indian lesbian activist movement founded an NGO in Delhi called Sakhi, the organization put up advertisements in Bombay’s popular gay magazine Bombay Dost. Then the identity of the writer would be scrutinized by members of the NGO3.These ads asked “women seeking other women” to write in to find others like “themselves”. If the writer appeared to genuinely be a woman, a networking list of other such women would be shared with them4.How it began In Autumn 2015, I had just started my Ph D in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan.Sitting in Ann Arbor, a quaint university town in Midwest America where winter temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees centigrade, I found much needed warmth through my handy portable electric heater and modern communication technology that allowed me to maintain friendships across oceans.

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