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Degree of Passion: This is one relationship where Scorpio is willing to show his tumultuous passions.Pisces provides the oceanic depths for him to float on comfortably.A Scorpio doesn't expect anything to be handed to her, either. Oh, you thought you were going to win an argument with your Scorpio girlfriend? She might rip you a new one over your (clearly wrong) opinion on which season of "Friends" was the best or tear you apart for the type of pizza you just ordered, but the moment anyone else messes with you, she will be the first one to come to your defense.She might be a pain in the ass, but she has your back no matter what. Lots of Scorpios come with a hard shell to crack; they don't let love in easily.She brings out the very best in the Scorpio man, too. These two are likely to become securely and deeply bonded. How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Scorpio Man: This is one occasion when you can put on your George of the Jungle outfit and be a he man.This lady is fraught with nerves, usually a bit lost, and often desperately in need of a strong sense of guidance from a caring other (that would be you! Notice the peril du jour and help her with some good advice.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Pisces Woman: It’s okay to be a little bit helpless. Scorpio wants to feel feelings no matter what they are, so you can completely be yourself.But if you can deal with an eye roll instead of a flirty giggle when you approach her with your best line, not getting a text back after the first date because she "didn't have time for that" or having your initial attempts at romance met with snarky comments, you may one day find all of that effort was the best effort you ever spent.Once you've earned a Scorpio's love, and, even better, her trust, she'll respect you, motivate you and excite you to new levels.It doesn’t matter whether your feeling is fear, ecstasy, or anything in between. Degree of Romance: Pisces brings out the romance in anybody.And Scorpio is more than willing to play the gallant role as the relationship deepens.

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Scorpios are complex by nature, and they don't take their relationships lightly.

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