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There’s plenty of punch and the kind of heft at low frequencies most rivals don’t get close to.

The presentation is big-boned too, with a wide stereo sound stage populated with nicely layered, crisply focused instruments. It’s as even as they come, refusing to add unnatural colour or drama to the sound.

Make no mistake; the 8300A is an amplifier that can impress easily.

Build is excellent and its large-scale sound gives it an edge over many rivals.

We like the remote too, it’s a classy system controller that feels good to use.

Around the back you’ll find line level inputs, including a balanced XLR option.

The casework feels solid and beautifully finished, in either the black of our review sample or silver.

Its presentation is very clean too, as if distortion levels are way lower than the norm.The 8300A doesn’t communicate the changing momentum of a piece of music as well as we’d like.That means the initial build-up of tension in The Dead Weather’s Is diluted, meaning a notable slice of the song’s sense of fun is lost.Back in the early 1980s, this slim unit struck just the right chord with hi-fi buyers – its combination of quality build, sensible features and highly neutral sound proved a massive success.The DNA of that original design has been retained through the company’s subsequent designs, including the 8300A on test here. The 8300A is a completely new design that stays true to the original’s engineering principles and aesthetics, but takes in the advantages of current thinking in electronic design and technology.

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