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Known for her role in the television show Big Love, Jeanne Tripplehorn was a temporary, albeit great, addition to Criminal Minds.

Jeanne played the role of agent Alex Blake between 20. Alex Blake came into the BAU as a fellow agent to assist the team when they were a man down.

His role on the show was that of a former Chicago PD officer who wanted to make more of a difference in the justice system with his expertise in explosives and passion crimes.

Moore left the show in season 11 after he felt like his character had done its part. Cook played a role on Criminal Minds that was initially different from the rest of the BAU team.

We went back to the very first season and collected the entire cast up until today for you to feast your eyes on.

After her time on Criminal Minds ended in 2006, Lola went on to be a part of television shows like Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest, White Collar, Castle, and Revenge.Shemar is a model as well as an actor with notable roles in The Young and the Restless and hosting Soul Train. Her character, JJ, was the press liaison during the first seasons of the show until JJ left the BAU only to come back and become a special agent herself.Cook was on the show from season one and is still a vital aspect of the storylines.Hotchner was the leader of the BAU for most of the seasons.Gibson was on the show from its inception all the way through to 2016 when he was written off the show due to an altercation with a writer-producer.

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