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Soon Edward's hands were on me, and Michael moved to the chair to watch as Edward fondled and kissed me.

Edward took off my dress, leaving me in just my lingerie and heels. His body was lean and well-defined, and his penis was an impressive size, one of the longest I'd ever seen. While not as energetic as a younger man, he was an experienced, considerate lover.

Edward's adoration of my body and looks, as well as being hit on constantly by his friends (all of whom were handsome and successful), satisfied some primal need inside me.

It also kept Michael interested, although I still worried about his wandering eye for young pretty girls, especially with all the time we spent apart.

I wanted to turn off the light, embarrassed by the slight bulges in my stomach and hips, but Michael wouldn't allow it as he wanted to watch. I didn't make him wear a condom because he had gotten a vasectomy years ago.

As Edward fucked me I looked over at Michael, who was excitedly beating off.

So when Edward called a few days later and asked me out, I accepted. I know this is a terrible thing to say, but that's when I decided to hire Mike as my attorney.

But unlike Michael, he had no interest in sharing me. He'd inch my dress up as we danced, grinning over my shoulder to his friends as he revealed the lacy tops of my stockings.

Michael was certainly that way, with his hot wife/cuckold fantasies. Things were proper when their wives were around of course.

At those times, I didn't wear my wedding ring since it would have been scandalous if his high society friends knew he was dating a married woman (miraculously I never ran into anyone I knew when I was with Edward, but then, we ran in different circles).

It was a naughty thrill to hold Edward's hand and whisper sweet nothings into his ear as Michael sat across from us, looking both hurt and excited at the same time.

I found it amazing how perverted high society gentlemen could be.

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