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She started out only swiping right (that’s means LIKE! “I saw so many friends and even my own family members! He sent me his real picture and…he wasn’t my type,” she giggled. It’s for that reason that he skips meetups with backpackers and other travelers.It shows you the things and friends you have in common. Since she started dating her boyfriend, she uninstalled the app but friends of hers that continue to entertain her with their wild Tinder tales, including meetups with famous European footballers and former porn stars. Despite the bad rap the app sometimes gets, Dan considers it less sleazy than a bar hook-up because, “you get to know each other better before you even think about meeting.It’s a virtual world where you get to pick and you get to know immediately who likes you too. “Everyone was talking about it so I thought I’d give it a try.” He’s had a few successful meetups with foreign and Thai women, dated two people he met through the app and made a few friends.It’s fun.” She found the app populated with foreigners and Thais that had lived abroad (she went to school in London). “Some people think of it like ‘I’m just gonna hook up with everyone I meet’ and that’s fine but I’m more interested in meeting people that I might be able to see again as friends or otherwise,” he said.“I lived in Bangkok before, left for a bit and, when I came back, a lot of the people I knew no longer lived here,” she said. I was newly divorced and had two friends that met the loves of their lives on it, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I love to socialize and I’m motivated to find someone I can date.” While her friends have had happy endings, she’s still waiting for her ideal match.

A few intrepid souls did dish on their experiences with app-sourced romance.“In Vietnam, the girls are supposed to be more well-behaved than they are expected to be here.So, there you get girls using it as a sneaky way to do something they aren’t allowed to do.“I met a girl there that turned up after just about 10 minutes of chatting and said, ‘I always wanted to try sleeping with a white man.’ After doing the deed she disappeared only to message later, ‘I’ve actually got a boyfriend, but I always wanted to try that. Jamie’s advice to Tinderers in Bangkok is, “If you’re into ladyboys, download it. ” He far prefers picking up girls on the BTS or in front of 7-11.Chatchan is thoroughly disappointed Chatchan Tasanasiri is one of those Thais raised abroad who feels caught between cultures. “I went on one date with a Thai girl, and it didn’t work out.

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He started using Tinder a few months ago because, he said, work was keeping him to busy to go out and meet women. She was too Thai, and I’m what they call a banana – yellow on the outside, white on the inside.” Technology hasn’t solved that dilemma for him.

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