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A quick browse through some of my recent friend requests turned up with the girl pictured to the right.While I actually have a lot of attractive friends, the reality is that most extremely attractive women do not go around randomly friending people on Facebook.That was exactly what happened in November of last year when an adult dating site decided to spam Facebook with profiles, each of which had a status update similar to the following one: While many of the profiles were quickly removed, the spammer behind the profile spam got pretty far before anybody called attention to it.

But what if the most recent friend request you got isn’t actually from someone real?If you follow our advice you should be able to decode whether or not that person who just friended you actually exists.What other signs have you seen which suggest a profile isn’t real?While there are definitely women out there who “get along better with guys,” seeing someone’s profile filled 95 percent or more with a single gender is typically a warning signal when combined with one of the other signs in this list.Most scammers nowadays don’t take much time to fill out all the details of fake profiles.

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