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i am looking for a creative brother out there to exchange ideas with and change the creative world.BRIEF INTRO i finished up art school back in ‘14 and currently live in ohio.

Something more about me: a realistic dreamer, lover of existential philosophy and classic literature, I really like my bike (yeah, sounds naive), I like long walks, long conversations and short nights. I'm really nice guy people say I always hold the door for people too.

I am currently watching Teen titans Go it's stupid and I love stupid things 😂😂 Hey reddit, looking for some cool people to write chatty conversational e-mails about life and our hopes and dreams and stuff. I'd feel a bit weird baring my soul to another dude. The trouble is people get busy and after a while just give up with the correspondence which kinda sucks but it's understandable. I've had penpals on and off since I was a teenager and still participate in post card exchange with Post Crossing. have you ever had that moment where you find a fantastic art material to draw or paint with, but don’t know who to recommend it to?

If we get along understand it's no big deal but you know, I like getting a nice e-mail to read. i’m wanting to do this and many other creative things.

I'm looking for a dedicated pen pal, that responds a couple times a week.

Who likes to receive lengthy mails as well as write them.

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When I do things, they often concern games of all varieties; board games, pen and paper role-playing, and video games on the PC and the Switch. Living in basically a black hole with the nearest city a 4/5 hour drive, there isn't much to do or people to meet, so I'd love to hear from you guys.

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