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Build, explore, and fight your way through incredible worlds filled with challenging opponents and stunning graphics.

Welcome to 12 Chats, We are a free online sex chat room website. Our chat rooms require no registration or sign up process. Including the text chat, the webcams and microphones.

A menu will pop up with options for that user in the chat room.

You can click the ignore button under that users name.

You can alway choose to sign in to the chat as a guest. As said above the site might have less then a second of a lag, but thats not to worry. It's litterally impossible to have no lag in anything online, without a person being on the same computer you are on.

You can buy them with the points you will receive by just being active in the chat room.

Harness the power of the characters you play and unleash havoc on your foes.

With a large selection of genres and styles to choose from, you'll love exploring new storylines and characters.

The more active you are in the chat room the more points you will get.

Everyone is allowed to speak freely in all the free online chat rooms.

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