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Others may be more confusing because of the obscurity of the populations, but the Burusho clearly have ancient East Asian ancestry on clustering algorithms, so their presence is not surprising to me.Similarly, the Russians in the HGDP data set have an ‘eastern’ affinity (or at least some do), either due to Finno-Ugric or Turkic ancestry (Tatars regularly assimilated into a Russian ethnic identity as the Tsars expanded their domains).Some of Mongolian and Turkic peoples have individuals who are attested as having characteristics more typical of Europeans (e.g., red hair), so it is likely that this admixture was relatively old and widespread, well before the era of the Pax Mongolica.There is a minor dissonant note in these results above. First, I have to say that I was mildly skeptical of the higher value reported earlier.

The Xibo and Tu are Northeast Asian groups, on the border between China proper and the great Eurasian interior.Rather, they are descended from populations with genetic affinities to these two sources.Precisely, the Uygurs are descended from Northeast Asian Turks, who assimilated an Indo-European speaking substratum.So let’s move to the main course: what’s going on in Europe?Before putting the spotlight on the macro picture, let’s highlight one secondary aspect: the authors detect evidence of massive gene flow into Spain from Northern Europe ~4,000 years before the present. Second, the idea of reversals in the direction of gene flow are intriguing, and, I think need to be taken more seriously.

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