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I am really proud of all that this great collegial group has accomplished. BYU Is a Special Place For me, being employed at any institution of higher education would be a noble calling.Those of us associated with American higher education get to wake up every workday with an extra­ordinary opportunity to advance the greater good of society.Getting Off the Horse to Walk To introduce my talk and to provide a context for our discussion today, I would like to tell you a story from when I was ten or eleven years old.I was raised on a cattle ranch in northwestern Wyoming, in an area that is referred to as the Big Horn Basin, between the communities of Cody and Thermopolis.

My wife, Joyce, and I are happy to be here today and to share this brief time with you.The Savior pleaded again in verse 42, saying: O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done. For example, I go to sleep every night on a Y-logoed pillowcase, head out to my car each morning through a door adorned with a large magnetic Y, fly a large Y flag on my front porch on BYU game days, and display numerous BYU-themed posters around our home. Like many of you, I have a long, varied, and personally rewarding association with BYU: My mother was a freshman at BYU around 1950.In verse 44 the Savior prayed again a third time, “saying the same words.” Elder Jeffrey R. These posters generally celebrate historic BYU coaches, athletes, and events, such as BYU’s 1984 national championship in football, the 2006 John Beck to Jonny Harline winning touchdown pass against the University of Utah, and a ­certain BYU basketball national player of the year in 2011 known simply as “the Jimmer” to those who adored him. At that time BYU had only a few thousand students and was housed in a small collection of buildings mostly clustered on the southwest corner of campus.Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained: The Lord said, in effect, “If there is another path, I would rather walk it. As you know, BYU was and continues to be a work in progress.My first recollection of BYU was watching its fast-paced 1966 NIT basketball championship team when I was only fourteen years old.

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