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People vary from experienced to learners but it's still a great way to relax and enjoy.

I've been a member of Massage Exchange for the past 10 years.

I usually average at least one massage exchange a week.

I have learned that everyone has their own techniques when giving massages and have learned several that I now incorporate into my own massages.

The site is helpful, respectful and protective of its members.

While any site, one needs to be cautious about whom you meet, I have found primarily good, down to earth, genuine people here -- very few flakes to deal with.

I have tried several other sites designed to help people meet for massage exchanges, etc.

and this is the only one that I actually had luck with, met real people, enjoyed myself but felt fairly safe too.

Like any site it takes an effort to make contact and the time to meet.No bad experiences and have met some really nice and interesting people. I have had no problems on the site and have found most users to be genuine lovers of massage as well.I would recommend a membership, the cost of which is easily made up for with the number of great and free massage exchanges I have had. Since I joined, not only have I been able to get up to speed on my massage technique with regular practice on 'receive-only' volunteers but also with other trained therapists who are happy to exchange therapeutic massage and technique with you. To quote a line from that song, "Who could ask for anything more?The site is very user-friendly, and the staff are extremely helpful and efficient.I get a weekly summary showing members who have viewed my profile, and I get a weekly email showing new members who live near me.

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As a qualified massage therapist, I find that Massage Exchange is by far the best way to meet other massage therapists who wish to exchange massage without payment.

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