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While there, they meet the young couple that is having loud sex in the room next to theirs.The woman is revealed to be the provider as her hunky boyfriend says he's saving for chef school.Elsewhere, the woman next door to Jess asks her to stop sexting her husband, and Shep makes things uncomfortable by grabbing Jess' phone and sexting the man, pretending to be her.An orthodontist fee forces Russ to confront Bernie for payment on a recent design, but Bernie in turn blames a college fraternity for failing to pay him.

At a party that they later attend, Russ is using the bathroom and discovers a massive four-head shower.

Lina falls in love with the home of a woman who is now dating A. Lina and Russ have a buyer for their rental house, and have to step up their efforts to find a new place. Jay convinces Russ that his marriage to Lina is always "under review." Lina and Russ want to escape from the dull party, so they jump in the pool. At work, Russ's boss forces him to fire Bernie, who is having a hard time learning how to behave appropriately for an office environment.

J., and tries to hasten the woman's pending divorce. Lina goes to meet an old friend who is in town, but their time together is constantly interrupted by business colleagues that the friend also booked time to see. An argument ensues when Russ suggests they completely uproot the family and start over in Costa Rica, while Lina prefers the more down-to-earth choice of staying in the L. Lina and Russ plan a night out apart but end up babysitting their friends. Russ's hypercritical mother Sharon (Joanna Cassidy) pays a visit and shares news that she is going on a cruise with an "interesting senior" she met online.

Likewise when married woman flirts with me, I feel very uncomfortable with it.

And any idiot that would pursue a married man will set herself up for failure.

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