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Some Adults with ADHD are able to cope with life by adapting their careers and home life however others may have major problems, thus requiring treatment.

They may also struggle with difficulties in relationships, at work and in maintaining mood balances.

Teachers may need to use behavioural management strategies like reward charts.

They may also need to help in developing the child’s confidence and social skills.

Improved concentration gives the child the time and opportunity to learn and practise new skills.Symptoms ADHD can present with different behaviours depending on the age, setting and motivation.Parents play a crucial role in helping and managing a child with ADHD. Some may just have problems with poor attention, while others are mainly hyperactive.As they grow up, the young individuals will need to become aware of their condition and how to manage it.At school, children may need specific educational support and daily plans to help with their work in the classroom and also homework.

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Treatment A child suffering from ADHD needs treatment that takes into consideration where difficulties occur, this means support and help at home and at school.

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