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where Lamman played the role of Troy and Jill played as Sheila.Though the exact date of their break up is unknown in the media and internet, but according to the interview of the online site Essence, Lamman verified their relationship as just good friend which was published in the end of 2009 which proves that their love relation did not last for very long duration.Likewise from the year 2008 to 2010, every year Lamman acted in at least two movies which were Meet the Browns, Ball Don’t Lie, Words Unspoken, The Greatest Song, N-Secure and Why Did I Get Married Too?Some of his recent movies are Sugar Mommas, Where’s the Love, The Man in 3B and so on.After working in the film, his luck did not favor him to work in any other projects for around five years. But fortunately, Lamman got an opportunity to work in the movie titled as Making Revolution as Michael Suliman.Since then Lamman Rucker movies started to take a greater height.It was the live telecast of Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns. Or that he was on the brink of dominating the entertainment industry with his self-written allegories on the human spirit. Tyler Perry: So, on your new album that came out Tuesday, that People Magazine named the sexiest album of the year, you have a song called Celibacy. If that's the type of people and characters that we are, I found it very impressive that it was important that we were modeling at least certain types of behavior that other people would listen to and would emulate. Sharon Leal: I think part of Tyler's appeal, the reason he's so loved and his fan base is so huge, is because it's undeniable. If you go to his website, he writes letters personally to his fans and gives them an opportunity to talk. Whatever it's going to be, let it be." It turned out to be this great movie. Which was being aired on the local bible channel for free. Imagine my surprise, here, some five years later, when I sat down in front of the man in person. I think if you are a director, and you are very controlling, you wouldn't want that to happen. When you talk about Celibacy, did you use the words? He cares about what we're all going through as a community. Whether ten people see it or a hundred people see it, it is an amazing film. And there weren't any challenges that I can think of. Give me five more, and I'll be able to hang with some of the big guys.

We were laughing hysterically at the staged antics coming in via a bent TV antennae wrapped around and supported by a coat hanger. But I also think it's very important that you have a cast that is setting an example to some degree. Lamman has a very tall height of six feet and three inches with a perfect body and good looks.Lamman began to show his talent in the field of movies from the television film The Temptations in the role of Jimmy Ruffin in the year 1998.Its funny, lively stuff that hit a strong chord with the viewing audience at my particular screening. The simplicity of what Tyler has done through both his plays and as a person is the same reason why we are all here. Again, there was a lot of drama going on around the set. The film is shaping up to be another gargantuan hit. I'd have to take Tyler aside and ask him what certain lines meant.

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