Krygyz women dating

I imagine that we will spend quite a lot of time together because in the last three days she was completly into me, and I into her.

I also imagine that her parents will treat her like a princess because she is going to Tomsk, siberia in less than a week.

When I was with Ilona, we just had a separate room but now that I'm alone it is different.

Kyrgyz homes are constructed in a different way than in europe.

I have the impression that the father desperately wants her daughter's happiness, that he wants me to feel myself at home.

She's shaken as much as I am, she tells me that we don't have more than ten minutes and that we can't let anyone know we have a crush on each other because our relationship is a forbidden thing.

She tells me it is hard for her to hide her emotions but she has to do it and she does it very well.

He wants to make my stay as enjoyable as possible because it will also make Janela happy.

Tomorrow is Kurba-nakht, big muslim holiday, day of the living, something like that.

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Sometimes and quite often, the house is split in two parts, half of the room being in one house, the other half in the other.

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