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With the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birth and legacy fresh in our minds, it is worth reflecting on how his famed “I have a dream” speech has been used to sustain the status quo.

White folks like to think of his speech as lifting up color-blindness.

But Jesus isn’t one to wait around for procrastinators.

The offer is on the table, so come and join me if you will. In reflecting on the juxtaposition of the description of Jesus’ initial ministry and his calling of the two sets of brothers to be his disciples, I’m impressed that Jesus quickly recognizes that if the ministry is going to expand he is going to need partners in ministry.

We talk about “solo pastors,” by which we mean a congregation with one professional clergyperson on staff.

But, he doesn’t allow those who “get it” to spill the beans.So, it’s no wonder Jesus wanted to keep things under wraps until the proper time.The start of Jesus’ ministry is linked to the calling of the first group of disciples, all of whom according to Mark are in the fishing business.While we have traditionally thought of the company of preachers being limited to the twelve, there are reports of a group of seventy sent out preaching (Luke 10:1).So, surely the company of preachers is larger than the twelve, and it’s possible that counted among these preachers were women as well as men.

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They just dropped their nets and “immediately” followed Jesus.

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