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Related: Josh Hartnett Turned Down THREE Major Superhero Roles!This means the two are expecting their second child! Although the got one of the most shocking deaths in TV history on Sunday night — the death of the series itself!

Hartnett, who left the Twin Cities for college in New York in 1996, is calling to talk about his film “Oh Lucy! “He’s a coward who runs from his problems and ends up causing more problems.” And hapless Lucy winds up on the wrong end of most of those problems. He got involved in the film because he had admired a short film by “Lucy’s” director, Atsuko Hirayanagi.

" [ Kate Beckinsale has been one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood for over a decade now.

But apparently, Michael Bay didn't really consider the British bombshell to be much of a looker — and he made sure she knew it!

Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) died at the hands — and gun — of Ethan (Josh Hartnett) to foil Dracula's (Christian Camargo) plan — and as Logan says, the show shouldn't continue without its Vanessa, its "spine." So, a death that ends the entire series is pretty shocking. CLICK HERE to view "20 Most Shocking TV Deaths Of All Time!

" CLICK HERE to view "20 Most Shocking TV Deaths Of All Time!

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