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Meanwhile, a family of criminally-inclined great white sharks has a problem with one of their sons, Lenny, who is a vegetarian and refuses to act the part of a killer.

His crime lord father, Don Edward Lino, orders Lenny's more savage older brother Frankie to tutor Lenny in the family business.

Soon, Angie finds out about the lie and threatens to tell everyone.Don Lino threatens to eat Angie if Oscar does not comply.Lenny grabs Angie into his mouth, but later regurgitates her.Realizing that Oscar is right, Don Lino makes peace with him and Lenny, stating that he and his gang bear him no ill will.Oscar forsakes all the wealth he has acquired, makes peace with the sharks, becomes co-manager of the Whale Wash (now frequented by sharks, killer whales, and swordfish), and starts dating Angie.

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