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And it pays wide-ranging dividends in domains from friendship to creativity to work.To understand just how subversive such thinking is, it helps to know that Schnarch has been articulating his ideas about the emotional and erotic power of independence within relationships just as mainstream psychology has almost unanimously endorsed attachment as the heart of adult relationships.Interdependence allows partners who are each capable of handling their own emotional lives to focus on meeting their own and each other's ever-evolving goals and agendas in response to shifting circumstances, rather than on keeping one another from falling apart.It is marked by flexibility and focuses on strengths.The goal of a first date should only be to decide if he’s a “maybe” or “no-hoper”.I’m often asked about the best way to approach that all-important first date.If you can stand your ground with your partner, who means so much to you, you can defend your turf at the office and maintain your principles when pressured.

But the strongest desire comes from the self's ability to choose another self." Only the differentiated can truly be known and loved for themselves.First dates are a bit of a “test” and it’s difficult to be relaxed and natural – both essential pre-requisites to flirting and chemistry.If they were to handle the situation differently, however, the same couple may well fall for each other and go on to build a relationship together.Dependent partners, by contrast, spend their lives compensating for each other's limitations and needs.It's not that hard to be independent when you're alone, Schnarch observes.

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The big sex killer was anxiety—the cause of rapid ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and general failure to perform.

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