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You couldn't separate the two of us, and I think that's part of the reason she agreed to move home with me after we graduated.I proposed to her only a few short weeks after graduation, and we were married soon thereafter.Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000 is another expression of this. The appearance of The Moral Substitute is a possible result of this trope.New Media Are Evil is related, as is Nostalgia Filter, Everyone Is Satan in Hell, Rotten Rock & Roll, and Rock Me, Asmodeus! Subtrope of both Public Medium Ignorance and the Spotlight Fallacy."John Morefield." I answered in my usual professional tone. I smiled at the sound of her voice "Sorry babe, no caller ID yet - what's up?" I made a mental note to get the IT department in to finalize my office install. I'm making a nice meal to celebrate us finally having our own place." My wife was a bit traditional when it came to gender roles.I really began focusing on progressing my career and getting us out of there.As luck would have it, I finally landed a big promotion I was aiming for and we moved into a relatively high end apartment downtown.

Usually, within a few years, the fever has died down, and there's only vague echoes of "oh, yeah, that's Satanic" left in the communal memory.

At least once a decade, something new — a new genre, a new medium, what have you — comes along and grabs society by the cojones.

Everybody's heard of it, and it's not long until someone comes by and realizes, "Hey, if I complain about this, everyone will listen to me!

Some subcommunities forget faster than others, of course...

Note that cultures confronting actual social problems or actual external enemies will tend to skip an iteration of the cycle.

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