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MOT Checker The time of registration is the guideline from which you need to count three years forward to provide the date for the first MOT.In the case of a new car if the car was registered as new on 1 February 2013, then the first MOT will have to be done not later than 1 February 2016. From May 2018, new failure ratings will be introduced and a diesel loophole will be closed, making it harder for them to pass the test.Under the new rules, the test will categorise defects and faults under three new categories - Dangerous, Minor and Major.

The new reminder service has been launched in an attempt to make Britain’s roads safer.However, if their car fails the MOT, it is immediately deemed to be no longer road legal, regardless of how long the previous MOT’s validity has remaining.Yes, we're talking about the legislation that places an emphasis on the condition and roadworthiness of your vehicle.Drivers can be fined £1,000 of they are found to be driving without a valid Mo T certificate.Data revealed last year by the DVSA revealed that moe than a quarter of cars are overdue for their Mo T in the UK.

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Research revealed that around three-quarters of the motorists who were late for their MOT had actually forgotten the date.

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