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Our spiffy Bangkok catwalk model quickly became an erotic sensation after she stood model nude for the first time in 2003. For privacy reasons most Asian model sites keep information about models secret.A couple of years have past, but her sensual aura is still amazing. They are afraid of stalkers and competitors working with their models.

There is not one pubic hair in sight and her vagina shines in bright pink colour.Her erotic escapades were much more daring for a beautiful Thai fashion model than any other gorgeous model ever tried. We have introduced Noody Thai a couple of weeks ago.Today, most Thai models are bargirls or PR girls who are made-up and heavily photoshoped to suit babe category, but Nat Chanapa was of much higher caliber. Today, she is one of the most popular sexy models from Bangkok, already. This nude art pictorial creates focus on her petite shape and awesome bottom crack from behind while skyscrapers form blured bokeh. Possibly, some guys would give one of their balls for a date with Thai model Yorina? She can be found in Bangkok's Bed Supperclub from time to time as many Thai Cuties and Model Mayhem babes like to party here.This little erotic model has one of the smallest racks and she has a hard time to find clothes fitting her petite figure.First class flawless boobs and nipples are Irene Fah's trademarks.

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For the real attractive women like Barbara Chun this is certainly not true.

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