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Some believe for dating to be effective, individuals should meet face-to-face, like in the old days before conception of the internet.

With that said, those who meet over the net, sometimes meet up and go on to have a first date.

whatever the case maybe, you can find a match according to a person’s likes and dislikes right from the start.

Those who join chatrooms or e-dating services look for partners like themselves.

90% of your online success is based on your photos.

Your opening headshot is the most important photo you have - it must capture someone's attention instantly, and make them want to learn more.

Your online photos and profile are your personal advertisement in cyberspace; they need to be amazing.

Simply put - you need to have a fun, positive profile and great photos to attract the attention of high quality people.

Check out Jill's before and after photos above; she is the beauty you see in Photo #2, and was inundated with responses after her Smart Dating photo shoot.

These apps make it simple and affordable for those living at a distance to stay in touch and to view each other.

In fact, e-dating has helped millions to do more than date. E-Dating doesn’t have to be difficult, but to be safe, follow the rules and don’t share any personal information before you are ready.

We take natural indoor & outdoor shots, with several outfit changes - so you look your absolute best, and have many photos to choose from.

Every picture we take of you can be yours - there are no sitting fees, fees per photo, etc.

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