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And you would too, if you would've grown up where we did (basically the whitest place on Earth, after Ireland).

Until I was maybe 18, most of my exposure to racial diversity came from media rather than from real life. I am not going to attempt to explain the traumas that life under communism has caused in EE.

People here don't give a fuck If I'd have to go through everything EEs differ from WEs I'd end up writing very long and vaguely xenophobic list, almost as long as the list of things we have in common, but nothing stands out more than the fact that Westerners are ridiculously chill about things.

I'm not one to generalize, after all, chronic anxiety disorders are on the rise all over the world as people have to cope with modern problems.

it's like playing Diablo III on easy mode after a lifetime of learning to play on hard mode. that doesn't mean that everyone that had to learn Diablo on hard mode actually got good at Diablo, most people just quit after multiple failures, but those that did have a definite edge in the West, where, no offense to the actual masters out there, most guys are like Silver League of Legend players: they know the basics, but still can't hold their lane.5.

Religion is a habit Long story short, EEs are more religious than Westerners... But when you go abroad and are removed from the environment of your religion, your religious rituals diminish.

We've grown up with the firm belief that our lives can change at any moment, for the better or for the worse.

Westerners make the same cues, yet are not used to people noticing them. in the context of Eastern Europe, you probably conjure up certain ideas, beliefs and stereotypes...EE is an incredibly diverse place, most places in the world are (except Japan, but they make up for that with their weird pastimes). I know what you're thinking and, again, I don't speak Russian.I cannot stress how different and multicultural the place we come from is, it's so multicultural in fact that...3. There is an inside joke amongst Eastern Europeans who have been to the West which I am going to share with you right now: we stare at black people.Our upbringing has shielded us from the often denied, yet inherent, racism of Western society. when we see racism happen in front of us, even if it is subtle, or even innocent, we completely lose our shit. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Kim Jong-Un and Charlie Sheen... Now you understand why we smirk when we hear policemen are here to "protect and serve".You see, we may be white, but WEs and EEs are as different as Swedes and Nigerians, the only difference is that our differences are under the skin rather than being our skin. However, in the West, the government is the good guy, actually watching out for its citizens and their best interests. As an EE, traffic light buttons present in the West provide a philosophical dilemma: does the button work?

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Think of it like this: you've only seen elves in "Lord of the Rings" right? It would mean downplaying almost half a century of social... All you need to know is that in EE we accept the need for government, yet we do not actually enjoy it.

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