Early ultrasound gestational age dating

For purposes of our analysis, we used data only from the participants who had information collected at the 13 month and/or the five-year follow-up assessment, yielding a study sample of 572 women.

At the 13-month follow-up visit, mental and psychomotor development was assessed for 495 infants using the Bayley Scales of Infant Development [].

GA discrepancies at 17 weeks’ gestation are not associated child neurodevelopment.

These discrepancies do, however, relate to birthweights, providing a basis for detecting fetal growth patterns early in the second trimester of pregnancy.

This research was conducted by the NICHD in collaboration with the Universities of Trondheim and Bergen in Norway and Uppsala University in Sweden.LMP-based gestational age (LMP GA) estimates were calculated using the first menstrual day of the last menstrual period that was reported by each woman upon enrollment into the study.Ultrasound-based estimates of gestational age (U/S GA) were calculated using the following Hadlock’s formula: GA = 10.50 0.197(BPD)(FL) 0.9500(FL) 0.7300(BPD), where the fetal biparietal diameter (BPD) and femur length (FL) were estimated at 17 weeks’ gestation [ Linear regression models were used to assess the association between the discrepancy in estimates of gestational age at 17 weeks’ gestation and (1) Bayley’s Mental and Motor Scale Development Indexes at 13 months of age and (2) Full Scale, Performance, and Verbal Score IQs at five years of age.Our results showed that GA discrepancies in early second trimester are significantly associated with birthweight.We found no significant relationship, however, with the Bayley development scores at 13 months and with the WPPSI-R IQ measures at five years.

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In particular, we used Mental Development Index (MDI) and Psychomotor Development Index (PDI) scale scores, which are nonlinear transformations of the raw scores designed to eliminate age as a variable and subject to ceiling and floor effects [].

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