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Dexter learns that the Trinity Killer's wife and daughter have been found dead in Nebraska, which Jonah Mitchell reports was the work of his father, Arthur Mitchell.

Dexter, the only person who knows the Trinity Killer is dead, suspects that Jonah is following in his father's footsteps and goes to Nebraska to kill Jonah, encouraged by a vision of his brother, Brian Moser, the Ice Truck Killer.

Greene wants to impress the police force, especially Dexter, and is revealed to have acquired the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case, which he mails to Dexter.

Debra refuses to yield to pressure to close the case of the overdose death of a prostitute, eventually discovering that Deputy Chief Matthews was present when the woman died.

Dexter's investigation of the Doomsday Killers leads him to Travis Marshall.

Travis says that all he has done was at the request of Professor Gellar, so Dexter asks Travis to help him kill the professor, thinking if he can save Travis then he can save himself.

However, Dexter eventually discovers that Professor Gellar had been killed by Travis three years ago and now exists only in the latter's mind.

Travis marks Dexter as "the Beast" and tries to kill him in one of his tableaux, the Lake of Fire, but Dexter escapes and is saved by a passing migrant boat.

Dexter decides to forgive Jonah and leaves him alive to deal with his demons.

Batista's sister Jamie has become Harrison's babysitter, and Dexter and Debra visit a Catholic pre-school in hopes of signing Harrison up.

Quinn proposes to Debra, but she refuses and they break up.

Initially believing Sam to be behind the first Doomsday Killer murder, Dexter decides to kill Sam but is quickly proven wrong and finds himself befriending him.

However, Brother Sam is murdered by Nick, one of his trusted ex-convicts; Dexter, going against Brother Sam's wish that Dexter should forgive his killer, murders him.

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