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An on-line profile is the equivalent of a first date.

Anyone who has been on a first date will remember putting their best foot forward.

Women whose weight scored further from the mean lied more about their weight.

Likewise, men whose height scored further from the mean lied more about their height.

In one study men who were young adults dated women who were an average of 1.04 years younger, middle aged men dated women who were 4.98 years younger, and older men dated women an average of 9.99 years younger (Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009).

These results support the idea that women think that they need to look as young and beautiful as possible in order to attract a man.

In addition, in hopes of improving their physical attractiveness level, more women than men use a photograph for their online dating profile that tends to be inconsistent with their actual appearance. Also, the photographs posted by women showed more discrepancies when compared to their actual appearance, implying that the photograph was possibly retouched, cropped, or edited in some way.

Their photographs were more likely to be retouched or taken by professional photographers.

Additionally, less attractive people are more likely to enhance their profile (Toma & Hancock, 2010).

One possibility for why this deception occurs is due to the fact that because there are so many profiles with people looking to find love, the competition is viewed as greater and therefore people feel as though they need to lie in order to be considered as a potential mate (Whitty, M. However studies have shown that 86% of online dating participants believe that others do not completely tell the truth when describing their physical appearance (Toma et al., 2008).

Now the question remains if gender plays a role in this type of deception, as well is in other areas of online dating deception.

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Women tend to desire men who have a high socioeconomic status; which are usually older men.

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