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In a 2004 promotional event, he officiated at the mock-marriage of a strawberry and a Cheerio.

More recently, he has made news for a series of drunk driving arrests. 8-Feb-1991, with Shifrin) High School: Rexford High School, Beverly Hills, CA (1968) University: Los Angeles City College (dropped out) The Partridge Family Cholecystectomy 1972 Bankruptcy (filed 12-Feb-2015) Driving While Intoxicated St.

He wrote the theme song for the 1990s sitcoms The John Larroquette Show and Ask Harriet.

In 1996, he replaced an injured Michael Crawford in the glittery Las Vegas production EFX, and played the role until 1999.

"I got ,000 from that because production companies and studios owned my likeness." He soon began touring solo, performing Partridge songs and other pop music before huge crowds of screaming adolescents, earning more from touring than from the TV show.In a 1974 concert at London's White City Stadium, billed as Cassidy's last public performance, thousands of teenaged girls crushed against each other to get closer to the stage.In an audio tape of the concert, Cassidy at the microphone can barely be heard over the screams of his fans, as he begs the audience to "get back, get back".Not only did the show get nominated for several Golden Globe Awards they were also nominated for Best New Artist at the 1971 Grammy Awards.Although only David Cassidy and Shirley Jones (who played Keith and Shirley respectively) were featured on the cast recordings, The Partridge Family delivered eight studio albums, three of which made the top 10 on the Billboard Album Chart.

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AKA David Bruce Cassidy Born: 12-Apr-1950Birthplace: New York City Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Singer, Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Partridge Family David Cassidy has made it clear that he was never a child star.

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