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I don’t know what gave me that confidence, because there was a long time when it definitely didn’t look like it was going to work, and I stuck to it.

The following is an edited transcript of that conversation: Q: If anybody had told you five years ago that you’d be having the success you’re having now, would you have believed it? On the one hand, I always had this foolish belief that it would eventually happen, for some strange, crazy reason.

In fact, Fallon made Spears a Tinder profile and then ran through the pros and cons of dating her so everyone knew what they were getting into.

Although Spears was given the password to the profile that was made for her by Fallon, she didn't seem very pleased to have joined the ranks of celebrities who are actually on Tinder.

At the end of the day, everything’s relative and you adjust to where you are, but if it happens overnight, you don’t have any context of the long journey it took to get there. You can take any album, and it’s gonna be a chapter of wherever I’m at at that point in my life.

Q: Your sound also got a lot more confessional and a lot more open. That’s kind of the only way I know how to write, is from an honest perspective.

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