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I can go on and on about the reasons this religion and life style turned me off. I really knew nothing about Saint Augustine, so I googled him as soon as I woke up from that dream. After reading about his life, I was moved to tears.To my surprise, I just so happened to have this dream on the same night that Saint Augustine is celebrated. For me, it was too big of a sign that I just so happened to dream about a saint from an Arab country, prior to Islam in Algeria.

There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!I am going to start Med school, so moving to another state is not possible at this point in my life.He does not even have a place there and I know his relationship with this old man is not solid, because this guy had also employed other young Arab guys who were friends of my husband and then he fought with them and kicked them out of his life. I just feel so compelled to write to you because I know you were Muslim at one time and I appreciate what you do to expose Islam. Still, I know it means something for him, so I am very depressed he would say it after 2 years.To make matters stranger, after a long time of not being in church, I walked into a church and the priest just so happened to be quoting Mark , which is about Jesus making all foods clean.All these things just felt like signs to me that this life of Islam is not for me. I still love and care about him deeply, but I feel he might never change.

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