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Try to live as normally as possible If you have some time with your loved one, spend it wisely.Carole Brody Fleet, author of Widows Wear Stilettos, says that when her husband was diagnosed, "our focus was on living with ALS, not dying from it.When you're the family member or friend of someone who receives a terminal diagnosis, life as you know it can change overnight.

"Tell them, 'When and if you are ready, I'd love to help you come up with a list of things you'd like to do before you go.

This is what you'll want to remember." On the other hand, says O'Donnell, remember that the patient may want to sit in silence. "I took my grandfather to see the movie Dodgeball and he laughed so hard his chest shook.

"Let him set the pace of the conversation," she says.6. That's a memory I will treasure forever." Andrea Pauls Backman recalls one Thanksgiving when her mother, who was battling ALS, forgot her syringe for her feeding tube.

Ask them, if they seem willing to discuss it, how they want to die. "They may want help with paperwork, finances, reaching out to people, resolving past hurts, or talking to a clergy person.

They may be worried about treatments or pain management."4. Everyone will react to their diagnosis differently, so it's essential to respect their wishes and not foist your own feelings upon them.

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