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I dated a guy once who was in all forms of the word… He was smart, handsome, charming, a gentleman, ambitious, funny, spiritual, hardworking and family oriented. It was almost too good to be true until one day Mr. The crazy thing is these guys don’t actually like to be alone they enjoy the company and the attention of the opposite sex despite the fact they refuse to commit.

This guy had everything going for him and from the look of things would likely make a good companion, spouse, and parent one day. These guys like to play the push/pull game as I like to call it.

By definition an unavailable guy is either attached to someone else, not ready for a relationship, emotionally unavailable, or married to his career.

They push, push and push with loads of persistence; over loading you with compliments and anything you would want to hear and just when things seem to get comfortable he backs off. Dating is like taking a nice new shiny car out for a test drive. Unavailable in the driver seat while you take the passenger seat as you set out to take your test drive.

Unavailable slams on the breaks never allowing the car to reach its full potential by getting on the freeway. You now have someone who gets exactly what they want when they want and gives nothing in return pushing and pulling your emotions in every different direction.

Still, some people give the appearance of availability and speak openly about their feelings and their past. Find out if the person has had a long-term relationship and why it ended.

You don’t realize until you’re already in a relationship that they’re unable to really connect emotionally or make a commitment. Like snake charmers, these wooers may also be adept listeners and communicators. You may learn that prior relationships ended at the stage when intimacy normally develops.5. These people look for and find a fatal flaw in the opposite sex and then move on. When they can’t find imperfection, their anxiety rises.

(Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.) How do you spot this guy? This guy just told you he doesn’t want a relationship but because he is “Mr. He makes empty promises and sets expectations saying things like “it would be fun to do this” or “we should do this sometime” but he NEVER follows through.

One thing I have learned through the whole process is that sometimes Mr. When a guy tells you that he doesn’t want anything “”… Unavailable” he will continue with the push and pull process regardless of what he just said. He may want you to express your feelings but good luck getting anything back. He is obsessed with the idea of a relationship and what commitment means but doesn’t act on it.

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