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Though there are certainly tax benefits to being married, while some married couples receive what is commonly known as the marriage tax bonus, others suffer the marriage tax penalty.

It is estimated that some married couples could pay a "penalty" of up to 12% of their joint income if they fall on the wrong side or sides of a series of determining factors like whether they have children together, how disparate their incomes are, and if they itemize their deductions.

It can particularly tempting to mingle your assets and open a joint account when an unmarried couple has joint expenses like rent, utilities, or groceries, but until you've made that level of commitment to the relationship (whether or not that ultimately includes marriage), it's best to keep most assets separate.

But here's a few tips for managing joint finances while keeping the majority of your money and assets initially separate:​ From a federal income tax perspective, unmarried couples can make out better than married couples.

Here are the top three personal finance issues facing unmarried couples today: Most financial experts advise that in the early stages of a relationship in which unmarried couples first decide to live together it's best to keep assets separate to avoid property disputes later.

Separate accounts are perhaps even more important for debt like loans or credit cards.

In order to be prepared for these possibilities together, cohabitating couples should consider consulting an attorney and preparing the following documents: Of course, there are other considerations for which you and your partner may need to prepare depending on your personal situations like child custody, life insurance, and even designated beneficiaries on retirement accounts.The year was 2000 and everything I’d ever known about dating seemed to have changed since the last time I was “out there.” I tiptoed into the dating world via one of the match-up websites. Instead, I simply made it clear that my interests were more cerebral than athletic. Quite early in the process, I met a guy I really liked. I decided my profile wasn’t the place to reveal the fact that I had RA.That’s why Living DNA acts as responsible custodians of your data for as long as you choose.All information is kept confidential and secure, and the company exceeds the leading quality and security standards.

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But even with their diversity, these couples have a tendency to share at least one habit in common: they are less likely to plan for their financial futures than married couples.

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