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Alleged violations of this Article are not subject to the grievance and arbitration procedures of Article V.

3.0 : Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the terms "employee" or "employees" will normally be used in this Agreement to indicate persons who are included within the above unit, and the term "personnel" will normally be used in a broader sense to include employees as defined above plus all other persons utilized by the District to provide services.

In the event that there is a conflict between the retained rights of the District under this Article and the rights of UTLA or employees as set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, the provisions of the other Articles of this Agreement shall prevail.

2.0 : Certain of the rights of the District set forth in this Article are subject to the consultation rights of UTLA under Section 3543.2 of the Government Code.

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However, there shall be negotiations during the term of this Agreement as follows: a.

Limited reopener negotiations and negotiations for a successor agreement pursuant to Article XXXII, Sections 3.0 and 4.0; b.

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Such retained rights include, but are not limited to, the right to determine, establish, change or discontinue, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, any of the following matters, subject only to the limitations set forth in the other Articles of this Agreement: a.

The legal, operational, geographical, and organizational structure of the District, including the division of authority, organizational divisions and sub-divisions, and external and internal boundaries of the District; b.

1.0 : Pursuant to applicable California statutes and regulations, UTLA has been certified as the exclusive representative for the following employees of the District: Included: Certificated employees, except those excluded in Section 1.1, who are in the broad classification of Teacher; Instructor; Library Media Teacher; Counselor; Adviser; Audiologist; Audiometrist; Hygienist; Nonclassroom Assignment, Preparation Table; Non-school Assignment, Preparation Table; Nurse; Optometrist; Psychologist; Social Worker; Teacher-Adviser; Teacher-Counselor; Therapist; or Driver Safety Instructor.

1.1 : All day-to-day substitutes who were paid for fewer than 100 days during the preceding school year; all part-time adult education teachers, including ROC/ROP and specially-funded adult education teachers, who are assigned for fewer than ten hours per week; all other certificated classifications not referred to in Section 1.0, including those in the classification or status of Chest Specialist, Counseling Assistant, Psychiatrist, School Dentist, School Physician and Teacher Assistant; all classified personnel; all unclassified personnel; all supervisory personnel; and all management and confidential employees as designated by the Board of Education.

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