Dating a former drug dealer

Smith has since reconciled with his family and even helped his mom write a book about child stardom.(1991), but within a decade, he was already in big trouble.In 2009, after her son was born, Foxworth alleged that her baby's daddy, Michael Shaw, was verbally and physically abusive toward her. She even told Oprah's ) that Shaw is a financially and emotionally supportive partner—and that she's budgeting her residuals from the show and is in a much better place.

In October 2016, Furlong was spotted looking "bloated and unkempt" with actress Monica Keena, with whom he'd had a volatile relationship involving multiple domestic abuse charges for years, reported the (2003-07) star Orlando Brown was sentenced to 180 days behind bars for a DUI charge stemming from an arrest in 2011.In June 2008, she was arrested for allegedly trying to buy crack cocaine in New York City.She later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to treatment.He was hospitalized for a suspected drug overdose in April 2001, and five months later got busted for driving without a license and driving under the influence in two separate stops within four hours. In 2004, Furlong was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication in Kentucky after taking lobsters out of a store display case, perhaps in order to "liberate" them.Furlong married (2002) actress Rachael Bella and welcomed a son in 2006, but their marriage crumbled just three years later when Bella filed for divorce.

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In 2007, Smith and Van Pelt split, leaving their once-shared home in squalor.

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