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In the video version of Rita's cuckold scene, we get to hear Mrs.

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While that may have secured her that she could be satisfied with me, it only affirmed to me that I needed to see her fucked by a real man. Basically rough sex, but not too rough, and not totally explicit with the language.

After a couple of drinks and a movie on the couch that had a sex scene right up her alley, I surprised her in the hall, grabbing her hands and forcing them against the wall.

Very hesitantly, I set out to bring up the subject to her.

That night, I initiated sex with her and when we got down onto the bed I went down on her, eating her beautiful pussy until she was ready to be fucked.

I got between her legs and slid my dick balls deep to an enthusiastic moan. I pulled back and knew I wasn't going to last long. I rolled off of her, and took her in my arms rubbing her body. I repeated myself, "You can have sex with someone else if you want.

"Mmm." Kristi moaned as she lifted her leg and guided my cock into her cunt and pushed back on me. Slowly at first, but eventually slamming back into me.

A trim 35 year old man that would probably be diagnosed as a sex and porn addict.

As long as I can remember, I've been extremely sexual.

My left hand moved down to her corresponding breast and started on that nipple, while my right hand moved lower to her pussy. I pulled her shirt up over her breasts, and face, but not the neckline, so it was inside out, covering her face and arms that were still up against the wall. "Leave it." I said sternly in her ear, ripping her pants down.

I heard a moan, deeper than I've ever heard from her.

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I didn't dare touch her, lest I over stimulate myself.

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