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However, Barrett traces the word’s origin to 1999 when a dating website designed to match older women and younger men was founded.

These women believed that only a woman with money or who was exceptionally attractive would be able to attract a younger man.Although such age different relationships are not new, the baby boomer generation has embraced the notion, and the use of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic surgery, coupled with better health and exercise, has made a sexy senior more common, even though the requirement of youthful appearance has not waned.Celebrity couples made up of older women and younger men include Susan Sarandon, who was 42 at the time she started dating 30-year-old Tim Robbins in 1988; Sheryl Crowe (41) and Lance Armstrong (32) in 2003; Ivana Trump (59) and Rossano Rubicondi (36) in 2008; Rachel Hunter (37) and Jarret Stoll (24) in 2006; and Demi Moore (48) and Ashton Kutcher (27) in 2005.In part, cougars produce uneasiness in people because of the moral ambiguity we share about aging and sexuality.Western culture has a well-documented bias towards youth and health.

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