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This article describes how to create collections in Advanced Usergrid.

All entities are automatically associated with a corresponding collection based on the type property of the entity.

In the beginning, Usergrid indexed each and every field of an Entity.

If a field was an object, the the fields of that object would also be indexed.

It looks like it's more related to Symfony than to Doctrine, since collection of attachments is empty.You may create empty collections if you wish, but creating an entity of a new type will automatically create a corresponding collection for you.For example, creating a new custom “item” entity, creates an “items” collection.The only changes we can document here are the ones related to this bundle. If this bundle is not working for you with specific versions of Symfony (or Doctrine, or any other library), feel free to use different versions of Symfony (or Doctrine, etc.) The only changes we can document here are the ones related to this bundle. When your collection is harvested and synchronized with World Cat, OCLC numbers are added to the World Cat record for each item.

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